Blue Lockable Front Box

Mounts onto the front of the tiller to secure valuables. Features a 10 lb./4.5 kg capacity.


  • For the Leo, Pegasus and Comet scooters only
  • Also available in red, silver and slate grey

The Leo Safety Flag

6′ bright orange safety flag. Comes complete with a secure mounting bracket


  • For Colibri, Leo, Pegasus and Comet Scooters
  • Comet Scooter requires 1541502, scooter accessory tube
  • Colibri scooter requires 1148158, scooter accessory bracket

Crutch and Cane Holder

The Invacare Crutch and Cane Holder ACC200 is available on Leo and L-3X Scooters to conveniently keep user’s walking aids close by for easy access.

Walker Holder

This walker holder attaches to the accessory bracket under the seat and it transports your walker, leaving your hands free to safely drive your chair.

Invacare Scooter Phone / Wallet Pocket

Great for storing wallets, cellphones and other belongings, this convenient pocket also provides a great place to store the pneumatic bulbs for the lumbar support on the Comet HD. Simple Velcro attachment allows the pocket to fits easily onto the armrest of all models of scooters and the built-in divider keeps your valuables separated. The Velcro closure on the lid ensures your valuables stay safe even when travelling over uneven terrain.


Fits onto all scooter models
Simple Velcro attachment
Storage pocket for bulb of pneumatic lumbar support of Comet HD scooter

Rear Basket

The Invacare Rear Basket is to conveniently transports user’s personal items close by for easy access.

Rear View Mirror

The Rear View Mirror can be used on the left or the right hand side.

Silver Lockable Front Box

The Silver Lockable Front Box provides a place where users can securely lock-up personal items.

Oxygen Tank Holder

The Oxygen Tank Holder attaches to the rear accessory bracket . It enables you to travel with your oxygen at all times, leaving your hands free to safely maneuver your chair. Fits most standard and heavy duty single axle wheelchairs.